Can The Foods You Eat Affect Acne?

Fried Fish and Fries

I never had much of a problem with acne.  I get the occasional pimple now and then but I was fortunate as a teenager and never had to deal with full blown acne.  Growing up, we always ate lots of fruits and vegetables and rarely had processed foods or ate out.  My daughter has started getting a few pimples and is terrorized by them (as most teenage girls are) so I decided to see if maybe foods have any effect.  I believe that what we put into our bodies will come out in some form or another whether it is in health issues, weight issues, skin issues, etc.  I serve healthy foods at home and she generally eats pretty well.  However, there are some foods that she does eat more of than I think are good for her.  I found the following article below and thought it sounded like good advice on how to make your skin healthier as well as your body.  Check it out below…

Acne Program – Step 5: Foods to Stop Eating

Even though many dermatologist and doctors don’t see the connection between your diet, constipation, a toxic colon, and a toxic liver with the acne that you are suffering from, it does not mean the food you eat is not important

Foods That Can Be Bad For Your Mood


I am sure you have heard the phrase “you are what you eat.”  Usually, we don’t really pay that much attention to those words in any other way but that it refers to our weight and our health.   It turns out that some foods can make you happy while others can make you sad or grouchy.  Trans fats have been shown to put us in a bad mood and become more aggressive.  If you feel unhappy or sad maybe you are eating to many of those bad mood foods.  Check out this article below to see if there is anything you can change about your diet to help improve your mood…

Food Can be Bad for Your Mood – Well HabitsWell Habits

Food and mood are connected. Some food puts you in a good mood and some food does the opposite. Read more so you can eat right for your body and your mood.

Microwave Popcorn and Alzheimer, Lung Disease and Asthma?


My family loves popcorn and we eat a lot of it.  However, we gave up microwave popcorn over a year ago because of all the artificial additives and flavors.  Not to long ago, I came across an article about the lung damage that the workers were experiencing in factories that make microwave popcorn.  Diacetyl (DA) is a chemical used in microwavable popcorn that gives the product its distinctive flavor and aroma but also has all kinds of health hazards.  These include Alzheimer, lung disease, asthma, inflammation and so on.  The article below is very well written and explains all of this in detail.  After reading this article I hope you will throw away the microwave popcorn and just make your own.  There is a recipe at the bottom of the article or you can just put some popcorn in a brown paper bag, fold the edge under and then microwave it.  After it comes out, you can season it with salt or any other seasonings or real butter that you wish.  Then, it will truly be a healthy snack..

Do you know what’s in your popcorn?

PFOA (Perfluorooctanoic acid) is a synthetic chemical applied to the lining of microwave popcorn bags where its application prevents interaction with liquids or fats, creating the non-stick surface on the lining of the bags. It is a

Is Your Health Suffering Because of MSG?

Processed with MSG?

MSG, also known as monosodium glutamate, has many harmful effects on your body.  It may be possible that you are sensitive to this processed additive and are unaware that the problems you are having may be linked to this additive.  You find it a lot in Chinese food, but also in many processed foods.  Since there are so many side effects, manufacturers have to list it in their ingredients.  However, they have gotten smart and have found other ways of listing it rather than actually putting MSG on the label.  Take a look at the article below to see all the dangers of MSG as well as how it is hidden in ingredients under other names…

The Dangers of MSG | Tina’s Pharm

MSG is dangerous because it is an excitotoxin. This means it kills neurons (brain cells) by exciting them to death! Children, whose brains are still growing, are most at risk. MSG consumed by lab animals causes lesions in the

Your Diet and Asthma

Yellow Food Coloring

I do not have asthma and am very thankful for that.  However, I do know people who do and I know it can be a difficult thing to live with and manage.  We know about a lot of different foods that cause allergies and asthma but did you know that food coloring, specifically  FD&C yellow dye #5 (tartrazine), benzoates, nitrates/nitrites, sulphur dioxide, and sulfites can also be triggers in people with sensitivities to these chemicals?  The link below has a lot of information on different approaches to foods and additives that you may be able to avoid that can help you with your symptoms.  You may not realize you have sensitivities to these and by eliminating them you or someone you love may find a better life ahead of them.  Find out more below…

Asthma And Your Diet | Lady Primrose

FD&C yellow dye #5 (tartrazine), benzoates, nitrates/nitrites, sulphur dioxide, and sulfites can also be triggers in people with sensitivities to these chemicals. What should you eat if you are asthmatic? Lots of fresh fruits and

The Health Benefits of Rosemary

Rosemary Spring

I love using fresh herbs when I cook and have a large herb garden in my yard.  One of the herbs I use most often is rosemary.  Not only does rosemary add a lot of flavor to grilled chicken or sauted vegetables but it can also protect the body from certain carcinogens especially when using an outdoor grill.  It also aids in digestion and circulation in the brain.  Being that it is an evergreen plant, I can use fresh rosemary all year long.  I think it smells great and often make up a vase of rosemary stems to use as an air freshener.  I have several plants that have taken over control of the garden and decided I wanted to find more uses for it.  I was surprised at all the health benefits I found for using rosemary.  In the link below, you will find amazing benefits of rosemary.  Check it out and then  you may want to get a plant for yourself.  They can grow in a pot in your sunny window if you don’t have space in your yard…

The Health Benefits of Rosemary |

Rosemary promotes circulation and thus can improve health problems such as Alzheimer’s disease, eczema, rheumatic disorders, and yeast infections.


Pesticides and ADHD

Pesticide Sprayer

Many studies have been done linking pesticides to cancer and other illnesses but more studies are now being done linking pesticides to ADHD.  Most pesticides rely on organophosphates as its core ingredient. Organophosphates work by attacking the nervous system of the pests that are targeted by pesticide products. Therefore it makes since that organophosphates that are in the produce we eat will have a similar disruptive effect on our nervous systems.  To say that a little bit is okay is hard to determine because if it is in most of the produce we consume how can the FDA predict how much we will eat?  I love fruits and vegetables but if I eat to much will it affect my behavior as well as give me cancer?  I try to stay away from the the dirty dozen (you can see what those are on my previous post) and only eat those when they are grown organically.  For more information on this study, please click on the link below…

Study: A Link Between Pesticides and ADHD « APP Advocate

Chemicals in plastics and common household goods have been associated with serious developmental problems, while a long inventory of other hazards are contributing to rising rates of modern ills: heart disease, obesity,

Food to Help Reduce Your Cholesterol Level

Oatmeal and Fruit

If you have been diagnosed with high cholesterol, you may want to take a look at your diet and see if you can change some of your eating habits.  We need some fat in our diet, but we want to eat monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. There is never any benefit in eating saturated and trans fats.  Looking on your food labels will usually let you know what amount of fat is in the product, but you need to take it one step further and read the label to see which fats are in it.  The total fat count doesn’t always help if you are trying to avoid (and I hope you are) saturated and trans fats.  You can never go wrong if you eat plenty of fruits and vegetables instead of chips and pastries.  Why not try mustard instead of mayo on your sandwich or add sliced avocado.  Sprinkle some ground flax seed on your cereal or oatmeal for your omega 3.  Be creative and have fun and you may find that eating healthy is really not that hard.  Check the article below for more information on how to eat better to beat high cholesterol…

How to beat high cholesterol with your diet – Calgary Herald

How to beat high cholesterol with your dietCalgary HeraldWhen Dave received the results from his annual medical checkup, he was surprised to learn that his blood cholesterol levels were high. His doctor wanted him to lose a few pounds and watch his f …

Are Trans Fats Causing Aggressive Behavior?

Fries in Trans Fats

By now we should all know that trans fats are bad for us causing heart disease and cancer, but can it also cause aggressive behavior?  A study done at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine says this may in fact be the case.  If so, that gives us another reason to clean up the breakfast and lunches served at our schools.  Could the elimination of trans fats help the behavior of our children so that they can better learn and teachers can teach without spending so much time trying to get their classes under control?  Maybe if trans fats were banned altogether, our world would be a safer place to live.  Check out this article below for more info…

Diet and Aggression | Michigan Youth Violence Prevention Center

But aside from these risk factors, there may be other factors that are associated with aggression in individuals. A recent study has shown that a certain diet is associated with aggressive behavior. This certain diet is that of


Start Eating Your Berries Today!

Mixed Berries

I love this time of year, from spring through summer, when it is easy to pick up fresh berries.  The season starts with strawberries and then works itself into blueberries, raspberries and blackberries.  I usually mix them in my yogurt or cereal each morning and other than just tasting good, the health benefits are enormous.  They help with brain health, reducing cholesterol, eye health, diabetes and they reduce the risk of some cancers as well as many more healthy benefits.  I recently went blueberry picking and they tasted so good right off the bushes.  I do need to warn you though.  Be careful not to step on a fire ant nest like I did.  No amount of blueberries can take that sting away!  Click on the link below to read about all the healthy benefits of berries and then be sure to stock up at your local farmers market or grocery store.  You will be glad you did…

healthyhomosapien: The Health Benefits of Berries

Why should you include berries in your daily diet? The answer is very interesting and simple because berries provide a whole lot of health benefits. In this post we will discuss about blue berries, rasp berries and straw berries.

Inside Your Food