Processed with MSG?

MSG, also known as monosodium glutamate, has many harmful effects on your body.  It may be possible that you are sensitive to this processed additive and are unaware that the problems you are having may be linked to this additive.  You find it a lot in Chinese food, but also in many processed foods.  Since there are so many side effects, manufacturers have to list it in their ingredients.  However, they have gotten smart and have found other ways of listing it rather than actually putting MSG on the label.  Take a look at the article below to see all the dangers of MSG as well as how it is hidden in ingredients under other names…

The Dangers of MSG | Tina’s Pharm

MSG is dangerous because it is an excitotoxin. This means it kills neurons (brain cells) by exciting them to death! Children, whose brains are still growing, are most at risk. MSG consumed by lab animals causes lesions in the

Inside Your Food