Fries in Trans Fats

By now we should all know that trans fats are bad for us causing heart disease and cancer, but can it also cause aggressive behavior?  A study done at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine says this may in fact be the case.  If so, that gives us another reason to clean up the breakfast and lunches served at our schools.  Could the elimination of trans fats help the behavior of our children so that they can better learn and teachers can teach without spending so much time trying to get their classes under control?  Maybe if trans fats were banned altogether, our world would be a safer place to live.  Check out this article below for more info…

Diet and Aggression | Michigan Youth Violence Prevention Center

But aside from these risk factors, there may be other factors that are associated with aggression in individuals. A recent study has shown that a certain diet is associated with aggressive behavior. This certain diet is that of