Rosemary Spring

I love using fresh herbs when I cook and have a large herb garden in my yard.  One of the herbs I use most often is rosemary.  Not only does rosemary add a lot of flavor to grilled chicken or sauted vegetables but it can also protect the body from certain carcinogens especially when using an outdoor grill.  It also aids in digestion and circulation in the brain.  Being that it is an evergreen plant, I can use fresh rosemary all year long.  I think it smells great and often make up a vase of rosemary stems to use as an air freshener.  I have several plants that have taken over control of the garden and decided I wanted to find more uses for it.  I was surprised at all the health benefits I found for using rosemary.  In the link below, you will find amazing benefits of rosemary.  Check it out and then  you may want to get a plant for yourself.  They can grow in a pot in your sunny window if you don’t have space in your yard…

The Health Benefits of Rosemary |

Rosemary promotes circulation and thus can improve health problems such as Alzheimer’s disease, eczema, rheumatic disorders, and yeast infections.