Candy or Petroleum?

There has been a lot of talk about artificial food dyes, but unfortunately, not enough.  We can’t seem to make any headway in the USA on banning any of them.  While most European countries have banned them or they have to put a warning label on products that contain them, we in America just go about merrily adding these petroleum based colors to, it seems, just about everything.  Even if the item isn’t a bright color, be sure to read the label because you may see it in there.  Most “egg bread” is yellow because of food dye, not because of the eggs used in it.  There are many studies that I have read that show that these dyes can trigger ADD and ADHD as well as metabolism changes, cancers and many more problems.  Read the following article below and find out all about what the dyes are and what they do.  Hopefully, you will never look at the brightly colored foods you are eating the same again…

The Colorful Truth about Fake Food Dyes

Here’s the take-away, in case you had a lot of food dye before you sat down to read and now find yourself unable to focus: Synthetic food dye is made from toxic petroleum that is harmful to the brain and body – whether or not the reaction is visible. Fake food dye is ANY Many dyes have been banned in the United States because of their danger, but nine are still in use that raise red flags. Other developed And don’t forget to check that jar of pickles. Science shows

Inside Your Food