Why You Crave Processed Foods

Salt, Sugar, Fat
Salt, Sugar, Fat

A couple of weeks ago, I happened to be around to watch the Dr. Oz Show.  I think Dr. Oz has some great information and I was really fascinated with this show.  He had Michael Moss on who is the author of Salt Sugar Fat which has just recently been released.  Michael Moss is a New York Times investigative reporter who has gone over 81 million pages of internal documents from the scientists at the labs of the major food companies and government records.  The title of this show was The Big Food Cover-Up.  It started off by saying that the average American eats 33 pounds of cheese, 70 pounds of sugar and 61 pounds of salt each year.  The reason is because of the high volume of salt, sugar and fat in processed foods.  He explains how they go about finding the perfect amount of sugar to add which he calls the bliss point as well as crave-ability and flavor burst from salt.  Dr. Oz shows slides demonstrating how your brain reacts in the same manner as a cocaine addict to these foods as well as the way your tongue reacts to the salt burst of flavor, especially kosher salt.

It is sad that our food has to be “scientifically” produced in labs, and that it is all about making more revenue rather than about the health of the consumers.  I think you will find this video quite interesting and helpful.  It may help you to understand your cravings better so that you can better manage them.  There are five short 2-4 minute video segments.  Just go to the following link to watch these short videos.


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