Keep The Artificial Sweeteners Out of Milk and Dairy Products!

Keep it Natural
Keep it Natural

I received the following article from the Feingold Organization yesterday.  I was dismayed, but not surprised since it seems everything we eat is either tampered or someone wants to tamper it.  Please take the time to read it and if you would like to keep our milk and dairy products free from artificial synthetic sweeteners, click on the “CLICK HERE” button below and give them your opinion.

“The dairy industry has petitioned the Food and Drug Administration to change their rules governing what is allowed to be put in milk and other dairy products. The industry’s main goal is to be able to add synthetic sweeteners like aspartame and sucralose (Splenda), and other such chemicals, to dairy products without having to tell the consumer.

The articles that are coming out on this proposal have been confusing, but that’s not surprising since the wording of the dairy industry’s petition is vague and confusing!

The petition discusses adding the sweeteners to flavored milks — marketed widely to schools — but without labeling the milk as being lower in sugar or calories because the children would not like that. (So they apparently believe that the typical student, with about 12 minutes to eat lunch, is going to actually read his milk carton!)

The dairy industry claims that this will help reduce childhood obesity, even though studies have shown that fake sweeteners actually increase the desire for sweet foods and can cause weight gain.

Moreover, the dairy industry claims consumers don’t know that flavored milks are sweetened anyhow, and such changes will “promote honesty and fair dealing.” What they have neglected to say is that with the sale of milk steadily declining, this is an effort to boost sales, especially in schools wanting to limit sugar.”

The Federal Register says the FDA wants to know if you think this is a great idea.

To let the FDA know what you think, CLICK HERE.

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