Spinach Soup

Now that the weather is getting cooler I find that I am getting excited about making soup.  One of the reasons I like soup so much, if the truth be told, is that I can get all my vitamins and minerals in one dish.  No more trying to come up with different meal plans.  With soup, you can go with beans soups, vegetable soups, soups with meat and pastas.  You can see where I am going here.  I also really enjoy using the crock pot because some days it is just nice to have my meal ready for me at the end of the day.  For some reason, I was feeling nostalgic for white bean soup today.  Maybe because it is raining and cool out  but I also remember it as a comfort food when I was growing up.  My mom didn’t put the spinach in it but I think it will make it quite tasty and add more vitamins.  I hope you will enjoy the article and the recipe below…

Healthy Recipes: Mediterranean White Bean and Spinach Soup

Mediterranean White Bean and Spinach Soup. from the American Institute for Cancer Research. This wonderful soup combines a host of Mediterranean flavors including cannellini beans, also known as white kidney beans,


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