Home Made Eggnog

During this time of the year, eggnog is a popular drink.  When we went out to buy some, we just couldn’t bring ourselves to purchase what was already made.  Most of them had artificial flavors, corn syrup and high fructose corn syrup.  Some even had yellow food coloring.  All of those ingredients are on my “do not eat” list so we passed on that.  However, Chris (my husband) decided the best thing to do was to make our own.  Even thought eggnog is very fattening since it contains both whole milk and cream, I felt better about having a little since I knew it was made with natural products.  We have a few more days to go in 2012 and if you are holding off until 2013 to try cutting back and plan to ring the New Year in with fun, food and beverage, I suggest you make this eggnog.  As Chris writes at the bottom of his recipe, you can add a little extra “nog” if you so desire.  Just go to for the recipe.   Enjoy!

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