What’s In Me?

Reading the nutrition label on packaged foods can be a challenge.  Even if you think you know everything that is in it, there is bound to be something that was not listed as per the FDA laws.  For example:

  • Packaging contents that can seep into foods (such as bisphenol-A in plastic bottles) are not included.
  • Pesticides or GMO status of ingredients are not listed.
  • Environmental toxins that may contaminate ingredients do not show up on labels.
  • Hormones and antibiotics fed to animals that produce some of the ingredients are not included.

Be sure to watch out for the words “all natural” because the FDA does not define that and it can mean that maybe one item in the ingredients is natural.  The same is true for the words “no artificial ingredients” or  “sugar free.”   To get more information on what to look out for and how to be a smarter and healthier consumer, click on the link below…

Dont Be Fooled by These Sneaky Tricks While Reading Food Labels

Kimberly Snyder provides a concise guide to reading nutrition labels, what ingredients to avoid, and how to spot sneaky and misleading labeling tricks.


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