Do You Know What’s In Your Bread?

What’s in Your Bread?

Have you ever wondered what all the ingredients are that are listed on the label for a loaf of bread?  I rarely, if ever, purchase bread.  I choose to make my own in a bread machine because then I know exactly what is going into the bread.  The hardest part about making the bread is that when it is ready everyone wants to have a slice of warm bread and then I sometimes don’t have enough to last more than a day!   If I do buy bread, it is essential to me that the first ingredient be whole wheat flour.  Sometimes the ingredients can be simple and just list yeast and oil and maybe some other flours, but most of the time it gets very lengthy and I start seeing words I don’t know or the addition of artificial colors and high fructose corn syrup.   One of the additives in most breads is calcium propionate which is a mold inhibitor.  For people who are sensitive to this additive, it can cause anything from migraines to inattention.  The article below lists common ingredients in bread and what they are.  If you have any symptoms from these maybe you have a sensitivity to this but are unaware of it.  Check out the article below for more information…

Give Us Our Daily Bread: The Hidden Ingredients of Bread – Suite 101

Calcium Propionate is used to inhibit mould growth in bread – meaning that the bread has a much longer shelf life; however, as well as being toxic to mould, calcium propionate can also be toxic to humans with a few possible

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