What Do You Really Know About What’s In Your Food?

What is this really
Chicken (?) Nuggets

Here is a list of “fun food facts” that you may not know.  Actually, you may not want to know and they aren’t really fun.  Previously I wrote a post on the ingredient called cellulose, most commonly found in cheese which is saw dust.  I came across the following post in my search for what some ingredients actually were.   We have all looked at ingredient labels and wondered what some of those words actually are.  Some are hard to pronounce and others just yell out at us “chemical!”  I have come to realize that it is pretty much impossible to know what you are eating unless you are growing your own food.  Even fruits and vegetables are so loaded with pesticides and herbicides that we probably don’t get all the nutrients from them that we should.  Our bodies are just trying to fight off the harm they pose.  However, I still think it is better to eat more natural and healthy foods than processed foods and meat.  For a sampling of some of the things we are really eating  and that the FDA approves (which is really scary), click on the link below…

20 Gross & Disturbing Food Facts You’ll Wish You Didn’t Know


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