I find it pretty scary that over 70% of the food we eat have been genetically modified or engineered and we don’t even know it.  In order  to modify a food, the genes from one species in inserted into the genome of another using a virus as a carrier.   Since only limited testing has been done, we don’t know if this is safe and it can lead to allergies to a food you could once eat because it has been injected with one that you are allergic to.  You would think that being America, we would be more careful of the food we produce for our citizens, but GMO products have been banded by much of Europe and even third world countries.  What’s wrong with us America?  If you want to read more about it, please check out the link below.

Green Living QA: What Are GMO’s And Why Are They Bad For Us

This means that if the wind blows seeds from GM crops into a neighboring organic field for example, the produce in that field could no longer be certified organic. Major retail outlets and supermarket chains across Europe will

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