Trans Fats Being Removed From Foods Per FDA

Trans Fat and Your Heart
Trans Fat and Your Heart

On November 7 the FDA released a preliminary report stating that partially hydrogenated oils in foods is no longer considered safe.  This is great news and will hopefully pave the way for elimination of artificial trans fats in foods.  Many companies and industries have been reducing the amount of partially hydrogenated oils (which translates into trans fats) since 2004.  But, hopefully this will move companies to work harder to eliminate this harmful product altogether.  Trans fat promotes heart disease at a faster rate than other fats.

There are still many items that contain trans fats, such at popcorn, coffee creamers, margarine, cookie dough, frozen pizza, canned frosting and baked goods to name a few.  Just be sure to look at the label before purchasing these foods, as well as any processed foods.  As you may know, when you look at the amount of fat and types of fats in a product, if there is .5 grams or less per serving it does not have to be listed.  So be sure to read the ingredient label and look for the words “partially hydrogenated” to see if there are any trans fats.  Then see what the serving size is and how much you plan to eat.   Trans fats can add up before you know it.

Even if it becomes a law, it will probably take years for the elimination of partially hydrogenated oils to be removed from all foods.  But you can do your part  to take control of your health by reading the ingredient labels carefully and choosing wisely.

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