Years ago when Aspartame (Nutrasweet) first came out I noticed that I would get terrible headaches after drinking a diet cola containing this product.  At the same time, my cousin was starting to blackout and become disoriented after she would drink these diet colas.  Her doctor told her aspartame affected the neurological system.  We both stopped using aspartame and felt great after that.  That was probably twenty-five years ago and instead of this product being banned, as it once was, it is now everywhere, bigger than ever.  If you are having any kind of health issues and you use a lot of aspartame, you may want to read the article below for the 92 different health problems it may be causing.  Who knows, taking the aspartame out of your diet may change your life.  Click below for more info…

The Dangers of Aspartame – Holistic Health Practitioner, Dr Alan Trites

The dangers of aspartame are almost too numerous to count. and I think it should be a crime for any food manufacturer to use it in food.


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