Get Empowered for 2014!

Vegan Vegetable Chili
Vegan Vegetable Chili

I can’t believe we have already been into 2014 for a week!  I gave some thought to the new year, but have been spending a lot of time wrapping up loose ends of 2013.  I am now ready to embrace 2014 and move forward..  I had a good 2013, but am hoping for an even better 2014.  I am extremely thankful for my health and plan to continue down the path of healthy eating and exercise.   Eating healthy foods is part of my life and I enjoy embracing new information on how I can eat even better.  I am convinced that what we eat makes all the difference in the world in how healthy we are.

I hope you are planning to take control of your life in a positive way.  Not by denying yourself, but by empowering yourself.  Own your life.  This is your life and your health.  No one can make you eat certain foods, rather they be healthy or unhealthy.  If you feel overwhelmed by changing your diet, just stop and make a plan.  Start with small steps and work your way up.  If you drink a lot of colas, replace one a day with a glass of water.  After you get used to that, maybe start replacing two, and so on.  If you simply can’t stand water, drink tea.   If you  eat chips or sweets for an afternoon snack, maybe replace that with some nuts of your choice or a piece of fruit with a few nuts.  Try to do that a couple of days a week until you get used to it and then add other healthy snacks.  If you eat at fast food restaurants for lunch every day, bring your lunch from home one day a week.  When it gets warmer out, if you have someplace to go outside at lunch, take your lunch from home and eat outside, taking in the vitamin D from the sun and maybe even taking a walk.  Even just a nice stroll is energizing and makes you feel better.  It doesn’t have to be an all out power walk or run (unless you want to.  By all means, go for it!).  Small daily changes in your life can bring great benefits.  Don’t beat yourself up when you slip.  Just start over.  If it helps you to do this with a friend or co-worker, than do it.  You have to do whatever works for you.  Make this the year that you get healthier on your terms.

I am planning to include more recipes this year.  I am constantly looking for new foods to try or new recipes to try with some of the foods that I include regularly in my diet, such as quinoa, bulgar, couscous, whole wheat pasta and brown rice.  Since I don’t eat meat, I am big on one dish meals that include grains, beans and vegetables.  It is easier and faster to prepare and looks more appetizing to me than a plate with a grain and a couple of vegetables sitting there by themselves!

Since it has been so cold, beyond cold for some of you, I decided to include a recipe for a Vegan Crock Pot Chili.  If you want to add meat, just substitute the meatless crumbles or like me, leave them both out.  I hope you enjoy it and it keeps you warm.


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