Mixed Beans

My daughter is 14 and I know that now is the time for her to build up her bones with calcium so that she will have better bone health in the future.  Her doctor says that once she is older, she will not be able to build up her bones any more and will actually start using the calcium she has built up.  I bought her some supplements, which also contain Vitamin D since those two work together for absorption but I wonder how much actually gets to her bones not to mention the fact that since she has never taken vitamins or medication regularly, she forgets to take it most of the time.  I decided to make sure she is getting the calcium she needs in the foods that I fix.  If you are like me, you usually think of milk, cheese and yogurt as calcium rich.  However, there is calcium in many foods such as greens, beans, nuts and grains.  The post below lists some of these foods that we all probably eat so we may be getting more calcium than we think…

Calcium Rich Foods: 6 Best Sources of Calcium | Quick & Easy

Here is a list of some of the most calciumrich foods out there. All of them compassionate and green choices – good for your health, good for the planet and good for the animals. Eat a variety of whole foods from that list every

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