Brunch Recipes for Mother’s Day

Mother's Day Brunch
Mother’s Day Brunch

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 12 and I hope you have started giving some thought as to how you can serve your mother on this special day.  For those of us whose mother lives to far away to visit, we have to make due with sending a gift and talking to her on the phone.  I would love to be able to serve my mom a nice meal or even just something simple.  My mom put dinner on the table every night when I was growing up, for a family of seven.  She served up nutritious food along with lots of love, comfort and care during all stages of my life.  To my mom, as long as she doesn’t have to prepare anything, she is thankful and grateful for whatever you make.  Your mom probably feels the same way.   Just be sure you clean up the kitchen afterwards so that she isn’t slaving away cleaning all the dishes after the meal!

There are several healthy recipes in the link below.  No matter what culinary skills you may possess, there is something for you.  There are easy quiche and parfait recipes.  If you prefer a sweet bread you will find a raisin walnut bread.  It can be as simple as pancakes or scramble some eggs and add sauted veggies and black beans and roll it up in a tortilla or fill a pita pocket.   For a sweet treat, try the dried apricots dipped into melted chocolate.  That sounds so good I may have to make some for myself for Mother’s Day!

Click here for a healthy recipe for any culinary skill level



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