Fresh Orange Juice

Orange juice is probably the most popular juice that people drink for breakfast.  It is tasty, and has plenty of vitamin C as well as other vitamins such as iron, potassium and magnesium, to name a few.  It can also be helpful in managing arthritis and is good for your immune system.  However, it is important to be careful not to drink to much.   Unless you squeeze your own juice from fresh fruit, most orange juice has added sugar.  Personally, I rarely drink juice of any kind because I prefer to eat the fruit, but when I do drink orange juice it is usually just a small glass or I dilute it with water.  That still gives me some of the nutrition benefits from the oranges.  Also, when buying orange juice be sure to buy real orange juice and not an orange drink.  That is just orange flavor and sugar.  Even though orange juice is fairly high in calories and sugar, it is a good substitute for sodas which are loaded with sugar but no nutrition.  Posted below is a good article outlining all the benefits and nutrition of orange juice…

Orange Juice Calories And Benefits | Diet x Nutrition

Orange Juice Calories and Nutrition Facts. drinking orange juice 300×199 Orange Juice Calories And Benefits. Drinking Orange Juice. Orange juice has vitamins and minerals in great amount. That is why; this becomes most people’s favorite




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