Artificial dyes in foods may be linked to ADHD

Dr. Feingold is a leader in studying the effects of artificial dyes in our foods and a link to ADHD and other health problems.  Our family has been on the Feingold Diet for some time, not due to any symptoms, but simply to eliminate the health risks from additives that are simply not necessary and […]

The FDA says corn syrup is not ‘sugar’

You’ve probably seen the ads on TV talking about corn syrup being the same as regular cane sugar – the FDA says ‘Not so fast…’  They recently said no to an effort by the Corn Refiners Association to have the name changed.  Whatever it is called, the risks of high-fructose corn syrup are real.  Here […]

A powerful movie about food ingredients in America

This film, made in 2009, tells the story of how it is possible to create and consume food from real, sustainable sources.  Interviews with farmers and chefs, beautifully filmed, will give you a new perspective on the importance of questioning the foods we consume.  Ingredients is not rated – but definitely worth a view. Bon […]

Avoid these ingredients

This post is about some very dangerous ingredients you’ll find in foods. You want to avoid them – garbage in and garbage out…. 7 Dangerous Artificial Ingredients & Food Additives to Avoid | Family … Seven very dangerous artificial ingredients and food additives you should avoid eating at all costs.

New FDA legislation

The Food & Drug Administration: Major Legislation Pertaining … The Food & Drug Administration: Major Legislation Pertaining – KATZUNG. June 1st | KATZUNG. The FDA is the administrative body that oversees the process of evaluating drugs in the U.S. and to grant approval for the marketing of new …