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Barley, Bean and Vegetable Soup

I love eating soup in the winter, especially when it gets as cold as it has been.  Once the temperature dips into the 20s and below, I feel cold all the time and soups and hot tea or apple cider become staples for me.  Also, with soup you can get all the vitamins and nutritionContinue Reading

GMO’s as “Natural”??

This week I became aware that the GMA (Grocery Manufactures Association), which is known as the “Big Food” organization which represents companies such as Coca-Cola, Kraft, ConAgraFoods, Bayer CropScience, as well as more than 300 others, is petitioning the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to authorize the labeling of foods containing genetically modified organisms (GMO)Continue Reading

Get Empowered for 2014!

I can’t believe we have already been into 2014 for a week!  I gave some thought to the new year, but have been spending a lot of time wrapping up loose ends of 2013.  I am now ready to embrace 2014 and move forward..  I had a good 2013, but am hoping for an evenContinue Reading

Homemade Apple Butter

Last week I posted a recipe for homemade apple cider.  It was quite popular with my family and as I said last week, if I was ambitious, I would make some apple butter as well.  Since I had ten pounds of apples and I was cutting them up anyway, I did go ahead and makeContinue Reading

Homemade Apple Cider

I don’t know how it is where you are, but here in North Carolina we are having colder weather than usual.  It usually doesn’t get this cold until the end of December or January.  So, when I noticed that November 18 is National Apple Cider Day it seemed like a good idea to make someContinue Reading

Trans Fats Being Removed From Foods Per FDA

On November 7 the FDA released a preliminary report stating that partially hydrogenated oils in foods is no longer considered safe.  This is great news and will hopefully pave the way for elimination of artificial trans fats in foods.  Many companies and industries have been reducing the amount of partially hydrogenated oils (which translates intoContinue Reading

Healthy Food on a Budget

I think we all strive to eat well.  If you are on a limited budget you want to make sure the foods you eat are the best ones you can get for the money you spend.  We all hear that fruits, vegetables and whole grains are where we will get the most nutrition.  Some fruitsContinue Reading

Cold Weather Mushroom Soup

Fall weather is here and getting cooler fast.  It is supposed to get down into the 30’s this week so I found myself going through my soup recipes looking for that warming, comforting soup.  I came across a really good mushroom soup recipe that we enjoy in our home. I don’t think most people realizeContinue Reading

10 Foods to Help Fight Breast Cancer

October is breast cancer awareness month.  There are many events going on this month to bring awareness of this disease.  At the high school football game on Friday night, it was pinkout day and everyone wore pink, including the football players who wore pink socks.  There probably aren’t many people who have not known someoneContinue Reading

Sugar Affects Your Body More Than You Think

Did you know the average adult eats over 100 pounds of sugar each year?  You may not think you are eating that much, but think about it.  There is sugar in almost everything we eat.  We are aware of it in baked goods and when we add it to coffee or tea or drink aContinue Reading